Personal Profile of Connor Hobson

Connor Hobson is 19 years old and was born in Orange, but moved to San Ramon, which is next to San Francisco, and lived there till he came to study at Chapman. In Chapman, he is a business major with an emphasis in accounting.

A few things stood out to me when we talked, specifically Connor’s preference to reading physical books over using Ipad, Kindle, or Samsung tablet. To him, there is some type of feeling he gets from holding an actual book and flipping the pages, a feeling that he cannot get from an electronic version. This fact stood out to my because many people our age have grown up with technology and prefer using it. In this way, Connor is pretty old school. In fact, he also prefers writing his notes by hand to typing them on a

Another fact that stood out to me about Connor is that he is very assertive and decisive. This occurred to me when I asked him weird questions that would make the conversation more amusing. He knew exactly what to say. One of these questions was whether he prefers Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime Video, to which he replied Netflix without skipping a beat. He complained that Hulu Plus has way too many ads and that it does not have good TV shows. In addition, when I asked him what kind of apocalypse he would prefer if one were to occur, he answered that he would want all the humans to disappear so that the animals could have the world to themselves.


Connor knows exactly what he wants in life. He knows that he loves Italian food so much so that he would go live in Italy. He loves lasagne mainly because it is “everything you need in one bite.” Connor’s definition of success isn’t related to money or to material wealth. To him, success is when he dies, he will have nothing to regret.


To summarize Connor Hobson, he is self-assured and is relatively old school. Connor likes reading, watching Netflix, and playing lacrosse in his spare time. I enjoyed my conversation with him and got to know him pretty well.


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