LA Fitness

LA Fitness opens at four a.m., before the sunrise. At this time, I mostly witness white-collar workers come to do their daily exercise before work. Many walk in with a simple white undershirt, basketball shorts, and a bag to carry their work clothes. At seven a.m, the weights are already disorganized, and the bathrooms are messy from the morning rush, as people were getting ready for work after their morning workout. The stench of sweat takes up the whole locker room as men walk around changing into their work clothes.

As noontime approaches, the gym is almost empty, aside from one person who is all the way at end of the gym running on the treadmill listening to her own music. The gym staff are sitting around talking to each other about their days. Many elders come at this time for personal training sessions. Although many seniors are at the gym, the gym is almost completely silent other than the radio music played on the gym speakers all day.

Around three p.m., a rush of high schoolers approaches. Many students from the public school across the street come straight after school to workout, however many kids end up talking to their friends more than working out. The noise of kids grunting and weights dropping echoes around the gym, as the floor shakes from dumbbells falling. At this time it is hard to hear the music played from the speakers; the sound permeating the gym is the chatter of high school students.

As the high schoolers go home another rush of people comes after five p.m. This is the busiest time of the day by far, as several groups of gym-goers show up at time; there are body-builders, more white-collar workers, and women who come for the afternoon classes. The gym is so crowded there is not one weight unused and a line forms for the exercise machines. There is weird tension in the weight section of the gym, as many guys are secretly looking over their shoulder to see how they compare to everyone else. This is also evident in the locker room, when guys walk in and out of the shower and stare at themselves in the mirror evaluating their efforts.

Around 10 p.m. the crowd dies down, and at 11 the gym closes after the staff clean and prepare it for another day.


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