The Speech

As I walked to the center of my living room, I felt more and more butterflies in my stomach. Even though my house was freezing cold and all my friends were snuggling in their blankets, I was sweating. All I wanted was to leave the room.

‘NO! You are going to do this,’ I told myself.

I closed my eyes for just a second and imagined that I was in my bed watching some Netflix.

‘I could do this. It isn’t that hard. They are your friends, don’t be nervous around them. Just read what you have written.’

I opened my now crumbled piece of paper that felt soft in my sweaty hands. I looked at my paper, took a deep breath, and started to talk. “Hi, as you guys know, I’m here today because I want to be next year’s leader of Shevet Tapuz (Israeli Scouts)…”

‘I’m doing well,’ I thought to myself, ‘Just keep on reading and it will be over before you know it.’

I quickly finished my speech, fully aware that I had only finished the easy part. Now it was time for questions. At first, no one was brave enough to ask a question. I was just standing there awkwardly. I wanted to start crying. I continued to stand there like a deer caught in headlights thinking, ‘why do they not have any questions for me? Do they not want to vote for me? How much longer am I going to need to stand here?’

Finally, I saw one hand slowly come up. It was Lianne, a quiet girl that I did not expect to ask a question. She asked, “what will you do differently next year?” I was ecstatic that she asked the same question I had practiced answering with my mom earlier. I smiled in relief, and began to answer her question. I almost finished answering when my head suddenly went blank.

‘Why is this happening to me right? I know what I want to say.’

I could not remember. I looked down at my paper frantically, hoping to see something that would jog my memory. I glanced up nervously, not knowing what to say. Then, I saw my mom stand in the back. She looked so proud of me. Looking at her, I knew at that moment I would not let her down.

I remembered everything and answered the question. The next questions flew by me since I knew that my mom was listening to me and helping me out simply by being there for me. Before I knew it, I finished and sat down; glad that I was done.



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  1. Details are very important for a narrative, and I think you made a good use of imagery. I also like how you broke down your narrative into many paragraphs; makes it easier to read. The only only thing I would say is that the importance is not so clear. How important was this event in your life? What impact did it have on you?


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